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Practical Ways to Survive and Thrive with Virtual Learning

Does virtual homeschooling make you feel like the “school police” and steal your joy in parenting? Do you need help empowering your child to work more independently? Could you use some tips and tricks for balancing your child’s schooling with your own workload? Whether you love virtual schooling or can’t wait for in-person instruction to resume, this webinar is for you. 

Register today to hear Virtual Learning Expert Ann Dolin share strategies to help your family survive and thrive in virtual schooling. You’ll walk away with practical tips for:

Avoiding parent-child conflict around academics

Adjusting routines and expectations when things just aren’t working

Optimizing ideal spaces for virtual learning

Keeping kids focused while learning online

Getting your own work done at the same time (Yes, it’s possible!)

Don’t let virtual learning cause unnecessary stress in your home. Instead, join us and leave equipped with a toolbox full of practical strategies that actually work. We can’t wait to see you there!

Zoomed Out? 6 Strategies to Get Even the Most Reluctant Kids Focused, Engaged, and Motivated

Are your kids already unfocused and unmotivated when it comes to virtual learning? Do they shut down or melt down when it’s time for online class? Register for our upcoming webinar for the encouragement and practical tips you need.

Virtual Learning Expert Ann Dolin will help us all “right the ship” so that parenting doesn’t feel like a grind. Join us to learn how you can… 

Tackle the daily power struggle of just getting started

Help your child to focus during teacher-led instruction

Deal with their social avoidance (not wanting to be seen and heard in front of peers)

Keep your child engaged by encouraging them to ask questions and advocate for themselves

Open the lines of communication to improve the parent/child relationship

Don’t let screen anxiety cause unnecessary stress in your home. Instead, join us and leave equipped with a toolbox full of practical strategies that actually work. We can’t wait to see you there!

Remote Working with Kids at Home: Virtual Learning Hacks for WFH Parents

Remote working is often praised for the flexible work-life balance it provides. That was, of course, before a global pandemic struck and you found yourself managing your child’s virtual learning schedule! If you’re struggling to find balance with work and family right now, this webinar is for you.

Join us to hear Virtual Learning Expert Ann Dolin share practical strategies for:

Creating time and space to work without interruption (even with kids at home)

Supporting your child through virtual learning without providing constant oversight

Empowering your child to work independently and stay focused

Regaining confidence with your own work responsibilities

Finding a schedule that enables work and learning

Working from home with a virtual learner is a challenge, but with Ann Dolin’s helpful hacks, you’ll feel more equipped to succeed at work and home. We can’t wait to see you there!

Applying to College in the Midst of COVID: What Parents Should Know

College applications and SAT/ACT testing is a confusing gauntlet that stresses out high school parents every year. Add in a global pandemic and rapidly changing requirements, and it’s nearly impossible to know what your child truly needs to do–until now.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear Educational Expert Ann Dolin shed light on this confusing process and reveal:

How COVID has changed college admissions and testing in 2020 and beyond

The biggest factors that now determine whether a student will be admitted to their dream school

Practical tips for strong college essays that stand out

The difference between test optional and test blind (and why it matters)

How to know if and when your child should prep for the ACT/SAT—or if they should skip the tests altogether

How to best support students in each year of high school

With clear next steps and updated advice, you’ll feel confident in the best way to support your high schooler throughout this year—and beyond. We can’t wait to see you there!

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