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See Why Parents Enjoy Ann Dolin’s Practical Approach to Academics and Virtual Learning Solutions

Virtual Learning Blogs

Ann Dolin regularly shares virtual learning advice and strategies on the Educational Connections blog. Preview popular posts below or click through to read her insights.

Asking teachers for help

Ann Dolin equips parents whose children are struggling with virtual learning but afraid to speak up.

Ideal virtual learning space

Ann Dolin helps parents create a designated virtual learning space to foster focus at home. 

supporting learning during COVID

Ann Dolin addresses the unique challenges middle schoolers face with virtual learning.


Ann Dolin shares the tools and resources her tutors use to equip parents for at-home learning.


Ann Dolin walks parents through simple steps for creating an ideal virtual learning schedule.


Ann Dolin helps work-from-home parents support their kids without falling behind in their own work.

Virtual Learning Videos

From webinars to media features, Ann Dolin regularly uses video to share her expertise with parents in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.

Keeping Kids Focused and Engaged with Virtual Learning

NBC Washington features Ann Dolin’s advice for keeping kids focused and engaged during virtual learning.

Prep Your Kids—And Your Home—for Virtual Learning

Local news media asks Ann Dolin how parents can prepare their kids and homes for a year of virtual learning.

Helpful Tips for a Successful School Year

News4 gets Ann Dolin’s advice, tips, and strategies to help families prepare for the back-to-school transition.

Real Feedback from Ann’s Webinars

Just like the blogs and videos featured on this page, Ann Dolin’s webinars are engaging, approachable, and full of simple, practical tips parents love.

“What a fabulous presentation with so many helpful tips that will support our community! We always love having you share each year.”

-Kristin Pillay, School Counselor at Capitol Hill Day School

“Ann Dolin brings innovative and practical strategies, and parents are thrilled to have the tools they need to help their children.”

-Mary Beth Harrison-Cunningham, Fairfax County Parent Resource Center

“The ideas in your presentation were so simple and great. We were already struggling with executive function issues and screen time, but your webinar was so helpful. Thank you!”

-Alana Hunt, Parent in Virginia

Ann Dolin’s Books

Parents and teachers turn to Ann Dolin’s award-winning books for her advice on a variety of educational topics.

Getting Past Procrastination by Ann Dolin

How to Get Your Kids Organized, Focused, and Motivated...Without Being the Bad Guy


Tips, Tools, and Solutions to Stress-Free Homework


The Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition