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Struggling to Make Time in Their Busy Schedule to Focus on Their Child's Academics

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Battling to Keep Kids Engaged with Learning After So Much Time Away From the Classroom 

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Restore peace in their family dynamics by reducing the stress surrounding academics

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Survive and thrive while parenting in a pandemic 


Meet Education Expert Ann Dolin


As a mom and former public school teacher, Ann Dolin knows how stressful it can be to support a child throughout their academic journey.

For nearly 30 years, she’s dedicated her life to helping families overcome that stress—first as a teacher, then as a webinar host, public speaker, author, and the founder of Educational Connections, a company that’s served over 10,000 students through subject tutoring, test prep, and executive function coaching.

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“Ann’s presentation was fantastic! It really spoke to everything going on in my son’s and my life right now.”

-Mary Patton (McLean, VA)

"Ann Dolin brings innovative and practical strategies to parents who are looking to support their children with virtual learning. Her webinars and e-books are engaging and informative and parents are thrilled to have the tools they need to help their children. "

Mary Beth Harrison-Cunningham, M.Ed. (Manager, Parent Resource Center)


“In case you have not heard it today, you rock!  Thank you for kicking off our webinars for the year with such a strong and helpful start.  That chat box was hopping today and you kept up with all the questions we threw out for you with such helpful responses.  Thank you for being such an incredible resource for our families and so many others.”

-Erika Deem, Arlington County Public Schools, Parent Resource Center

Custom Webinars for Your School or Organization

Choose from Ann Dolin’s most popular webinar topics below, or approach us with your own idea! We make it easy to empower the parents in your school, company, nonprofit, or association. Ann's presentations can also be customized for educators.

Option 1: Less Policing, More Parenting: How to Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills Without All the Arguments This School Year

“Do you have any homework?”
“I’m not sure…”
“What do you mean you’re not sure? Where’s your agenda?”
“I think it’s in my room...somewhere.”

Sound familiar? If you’re having this conversation multiple times each week, you’re not alone. Whether your child is in elementary school or preparing to graduate from high school, you want them to be ready and on top of their priorities. Your child likely wants to be organized as well. So why do they keep missing deadlines, losing assignments, and starting things the night before they’re due?

It’s because executive functioning skills, like time management or prioritization, take time to learn. But once a child develops systems that work for them, these strategies can help them be successful throughout K-12 school and beyond.

If you’re tired of hearing your child respond, “I don’t know,” every time you ask about homework or tests coming up, this webinar is for you! Join Ann Dolin, M.Ed. to learn how you can help your child develop those critical executive functioning skills this school year.

Other topics covered include:

How to ensure kids stay on top of their schoolwork without feeling like a nag

Site maps, Google calendars, and other tools for staying organized

Smart strategies for tracking assignments (especially if your child’s teachers have different expectations and systems!)

When to leave things up to your child, step in to support, or recruit outside help

Keeping kids engaged by encouraging them to ask questions and advocate for themselves

Opening the lines of communication to improve the parent/child relationship and avoid  conflict around academics

Option 2: Applying to College in the Midst of COVID: What Parents Should Know

Every year, a new round of parents walks their high schoolers through the gauntlet of SAT/ACT testing and college admissions. This year’s parents, of course, face an entirely new set of questions and uncertainties. In this frequently-requested webinar, Ann Dolin sheds light on this confusing process and helps high school parents discover:

How COVID has changed college admissions and testing in 2021 and beyond

The biggest factors that now determine whether a student will be admitted to their dream school

Practical tips for strong college essays that stand out

The difference between test optional and test blind (and why it matters)

How to know if and when your child should prep for the ACT/SAT—or if they should skip the tests altogether

How to best support students in each year of high school

With clear next steps and updated advice, parents will feel confident in the best way to support their high schooler this year—and beyond.

Option 3: No More Late Nights: Overcoming Procrastination in Children

If you’ve parented a K-12 student for long, you likely know the pain of getting to the end of a long day only to realize your child never completed a project or studied for a test that’s… tomorrow?! When kids procrastinate on schoolwork, it leads to less sleep and more stress for the entire family. This unhealthy habit doesn’t do their grades any favors either! Fortunately, procrastination is a habit your child can unlearn. Join Ann Dolin, M.Ed. to:

Learn the real reason kids procrastinate (It’s not what you think!)

Discover how to get your child to start early on assignments

See how simple rewards can correct this frustrating tendency

Stop the late nights and high stress caused by procrastination

Help your child recall more and improve their grades

Procrastination might be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. Let this be the year where procrastination and stress come to an end in your household!

Build a Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive

Whether you lead a large company, a small non-profit, a local school, or an association, odds are good you serve a number of parents. We know you want to create a culture where everyone within your organization can thrive, and we applaud that commitment. 

But if there’s one group that’s difficult to support right now, it’s the parents you lead.

A year and a half of virtual learning has left many parents stressed out and overwhelmed.

When you help those parents regain their confidence, reduce stress, and strengthen their parent-child relationships, you equip them—and everyone around them—to thrive. Ann Dolin’s private webinars empower you to do exactly that. 

Here’s how it works: You simply choose from one of Ann’s most popular webinar topics (or suggest your own—we’re always open to ideas!). Then, we send you simple promotional materials you can use to spread the word within your organization. On the day of the webinar, sit back and relax as Ann Dolin provides your team with the answers and support they need most.

Book Ann Dolin today and stop worrying about whether the parents you lead feel supported in this stressful time. We make it easy to empower your team and create a healthy organizational culture where every parent can thrive.