“Ann is a dynamic and engaging speaker.”
“Ann’s presentation was fantastic! It really spoke to everything going on in my son’s and my life right now.”
Mary Patton McLean, Virginia
“Our parents love Ann’s Parent Education talks …informative, reassuring, and offers lots of very applicable, practical strategies…”
Nora Webb Nysmith School
“Ann’s greatest trait is the compassion that she brings to her work.”
Kelly McLaughlan Fairfax, Virginia
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“What a phenomenal presentation! When we see parents in the hallway that were present for your talk, they still rave about how wonderful and useful it was.”
Marlene Guroff Colvin Run Counselor

Hi. I’m Ann.

Every day I get phone calls from worried parents looking for help for their kids.

Because as much as they tell us that they “don’t care,” our kids’ confidence, self-esteem, and happiness is directly tied to how they feel about their performance in school.

And that’s something that affects the whole family.

You shouldn’t have to play the role of Homework Police.

You shouldn’t have to walk the tightrope between uninvolved and overbearing.

You shouldn’t have to feel the frustration and stress of after-school battles hang over your relationship with your child.

Honestly? The large majority kids have the underlying potential to do very well in school.

But after 25 years in education (first as a teacher, then as a tutor, and now as head of a team of 185 tutors) I can tell you that when kids struggle, if it’s not caught in time, it rarely gets better.

It gets worse.

Thankfully, success in school is something that, in most cases, is actually right around the corner.

You don’t have to nag, discipline, or get an education degree to do it… You just have to know how.

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I give PRACTICAL presentations to parents, teachers, and schools to help their students find success

No Ivory-Tower “academic-speak” or death by powerpoint.

I’ve spoken with thousands of parents throughout the DC metro area…

And every talk I give is designed so that parents walk away better informed, better prepared, and armed with actionable next steps they can go home and apply that night.

“Ann shared a variety of practical tips and strategies that parents could immediately implement at home… We had over 500 parents come to see Ann present. She did not disappoint those who filled the auditorium to hear her practical and helpful suggestions. A dynamic presenter who uses a wonderful blend of humor, personal experience, and professional expertise to connect with her audience.”
Kathleen Donovan Arlington County Parent Resource Center
“I wanted to thank you again for the fabulous speaking event that you did for us last week. I am still getting emails from staff indicating how helpful it was. We had about 75 people in total that participated; which is a record for our Forum… Thanks again for an enjoyable presentation.”
Kate Martinez Rockville, Maryland

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3 Strategies for Peak Performance
(Even If Studying is a Struggle)
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Getting Past Procrastination
How to Help Kids Get Organized, Focused and Motivated… Without Being the Bad Guy
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Elementary Excellence
Simple Steps to Help Your Child Become an Independent Learner
ann dolin presentation 3
Middle School Mastery
How to Smooth The Transition and Set Your Child Up for Success
ann dolin presentation 4
The Happy High-Schooler
Scientific Study Skills for Grades and Confidence
ann dolin presentation 5
Countdown to College Admissions
What It Takes to Get In
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