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The Parents You Lead Need Your Support

Whether you represent a school, company, nonprofit, or organization, the parents you lead need your help. The transition to virtual learning hasn’t been easy, and it’s causing stress in their everyday lives.

Struggling to Make Time and Space for Their Own Work

Worried About Their Child’s Ability to Stay on Track Academically

Battling to Keep “Zoomed-Out” Kids Engaged with Learning 

Help the Parents You Lead to Thrive

Book a virtual learning webinar for your group and help the parents you lead…

Regain confidence in their own work and responsibilities

Restore peace in their family dynamics

Support their children academically during virtual learning

Keep their child engaged and on-track without constant oversight

Survive and thrive while parenting in a pandemic 


Meet Virtual Learning Expert Ann Dolin


As a mom and former public school teacher, Ann Dolin knows how stressful it can be to support a child throughout their academic journey.

For nearly 30 years, she’s dedicated her life to helping families overcome that stress—first as a teacher, then as a webinar host, public speaker, author, and the founder of Educational Connections, a tutoring company that’s served over 10,000 students.

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“Ann’s presentation was fantastic! It really spoke to everything going on in my son’s and my life right now.”

-Mary Patton (McLean, VA)

"Ann Dolin brings innovative and practical strategies to parents who are looking to support their children with virtual learning. Her webinars and e-books are engaging and informative and parents are thrilled to have the tools they need to help their children. "

Mary Beth Harrison-Cunningham, M.Ed. (Manager, Parent Resource Center)


“It was absolutely wonderful. Everyone stayed right to the end!”

-Debbie Goodman-Bhyat (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

Virtual Learning Webinars for Your Organization

Choose from Ann Dolin’s most popular webinar topics below, or approach us with your own idea! We make it easy to empower the parents in your school, company, nonprofit, or association.

Option 1: Practical Ways to Survive and Thrive with Virtual Learning

Don’t let the parents you lead tackle this year without a plan. Instead, book Ann Dolin and help them feel prepared and confident for the year ahead, with a toolbox full of practical strategies that actually work. In this webinar, Ann Dolin helps parents avoid academic conflict with practical tips for:

Establishing routines and expectations that really work

Creating ideal spaces for virtual learning

Keeping kids focused while learning online

Minimizing distractions from video games and other screens

Getting their own work done at the same time (Yes, it’s possible!)

Option 2: Zoomed Out? 6 Strategies to Get Even the Most Reluctant Kids Focused, Engaged, and Motivated

What’s a parent to do when kids are already unfocused and unmotivated when it comes to virtual learning? Book Ann Dolin to help those you lead “right the ship” so that parenting doesn’t feel like a grind. In this webinar, Ann Dolin shares practical, easy-to-implement virtual learning strategies for:

Tackling the daily power struggle of just getting started

 Helping children to focus during teacher-led instruction

Keeping kids focused while learning online

Dealing with social avoidance (not wanting to be seen and heard in front of peers)

Keeping kids engaged by encouraging them to ask questions and advocate for themselves

Opening the lines of communication to improve the parent/child relationship

Option 3: Remote Working with Kids at Home: Virtual Learning Hacks for WFH Parents

Providing employees with the option to work from home is a great way to support the parents on your team. But when schools are closed and kids are underfoot, parents face a new slate of challenges in their own work. Book Ann Dolin to help your parents discover practical strategies for:

Creating time and space to work without interruption (even with kids at home)

Supporting children through virtual learning without providing constant oversight

Empowering kids to work independently and stay focused

Regaining confidence with their own work responsibilities

Finding a schedule that enables work and learning

Option 4: Applying to College in the Midst of COVID: What Parents Should Know

Every year, a new round of parents walks their high schoolers through the gauntlet of SAT/ACT testing and college admissions. This year’s parents, of course, face an entirely new set of questions and uncertainties. In this frequently-requested webinar, Ann Dolin sheds light on this confusing process and helps high school parents discover:

How COVID has changed college admissions and testing in 2020 and beyond

The biggest factors that now determine whether a student will be admitted to their dream school

Practical tips for strong college essays that stand out

The difference between test optional and test blind (and why it matters)

How to know if and when your child should prep for the ACT/SAT—or if they should skip the tests altogether

How to best support students in each year of high school

Build a Culture Where Everyone Can Thrive

Whether you lead a large company, a small non-profit, a local school, or an association, odds are good you serve a number of parents. We know you want to create a culture where everyone within your organization can thrive, and we applaud that commitment. 

But if there’s one group that’s difficult to support right now, it’s the parents you lead.

As a global pandemic forces schools to use virtual learning, many parents are left feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to complete their own work responsibilities. 

When you help those parents regain their confidence, reduce stress, and strengthen their parent-child relationships, you equip them—and everyone around them—to thrive. Ann Dolin’s private webinars empower you to do exactly that. 

Here’s how it works: You simply choose from one of Ann’s most popular webinar topics (or suggest your own—we’re always open to ideas!). Then, we send you simple promotional materials you can use to spread the word within your organization. On the day of the webinar, sit back and relax as Ann Dolin provides your team with the answers and support they need most.

Book Ann Dolin today and stop worrying about whether the parents you lead feel supported in this stressful time. We make it easy to empower your team and create a healthy organizational culture where every parent can thrive.