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Are you prepared to create a meaningful impact on the parents within your school or organization?

Envision schools where confident students have the skills needed to excel and households where families experience newfound harmony before and after school. As a seasoned educator, author, and public speaker, Ann Dolin has the strategies parents need to help make this a reality for themselves and for their kids.

Elevate Your School or Organization's Influence

As a school or organizational leader, you recognize the significance of fostering a thriving community where everyone – parents included – can flourish. Ann Dolin understands this critical need, especially for kids with executive function weaknesses and ADHD. 

Expertise You Can Trust


With three decades of experience as an educator, Ann Dolin is regarded as a reliable source of support for families navigating the academic landscape. Drawing from her own experience as a former public school teacher, working with kids one-on-one as a tutor, and speaking with thousands of parents, she understands the stress academics can have in households.

From the challenges of virtual learning during the Covid years to bridging the gaps in education, Ann has been at the forefront of helping families overcome these hurdles.

Her dedicated team at Educational Connections consists of more than 100 experienced tutors, executive function coaches, parent coaches, and college consultants. Together, they’ve provided one-to-one support to students from kindergarten to college for more than 25 years.

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"Ann Dolin brings innovative and practical strategies to parents who are looking to support their children. Her webinars are engaging and informative, and parents are thrilled to have the tools they need to help their children."


“I felt like the speaker knew my kid. This was super helpful to hear that what is going on is not unusual.”

"Ann Dolin brings innovative and practical strategies, and parents are thrilled to have the tools they need to help their children"

"Great presentation. I loved how the presenter explained the problem and how not to handle it before explaining how to handle it and why. Then an example along with resources that may help. Perfect way to present!"

Transformative Webinars: Empowering Parents, Enriching Lives

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Unlock a realm of possibilities for the parents you serve through Ann's private webinars and presentations. These thoughtfully designed sessions are a source of positive change, addressing core issues that parents grapple with daily:

Restoring Family Harmony: Dissolve tension surrounding academics and create a harmonious home environment.

Supporting Academic Growth: Equip parents to guide their children through challenges in learning and education.

Fostering Independent Learners: Discover strategies to keep students engaged and on track, reducing the need for constant supervision.

3 Steps to Bring Ann to Your Audience

It’s easy to set up an enriching experience for the parents within your community. Here's how it works:

Reach out to our Workshop Coordinator, Jennifer Stile, to express interest in one of Ann’s topics, available dates, and your budget.


Receive promotional materials and registration links to easily spread the word to your school or organization.

Sit back as Ann Dolin delivers practical strategies, transformative insights, and unwavering support to your community of parents.