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Over the last 20 years in education, I’ve found that many families deal with the daily stress of homework. Arguments between parents and their children rarely conclude with a winner and the parent/child relationship almost always suffers. As an expert in education, I can help you to eliminate the homework stress that causes turmoil in your family.

Presentation Topics

Ann speaks extensively on education-related topics and is available to present to parents and teachers throughout the Metropolitan D.C. area. Below is a list of Ann’s most popular topics:

  • New presentation topics: Stressed Out Over Homework
  • Prescriptions to Combat Disorganization and Procrastination
  • Learn More In Less Time
  • The Surprising Truth Behind Your Child’s Motivation (Or Lack Thereof)
  • More Topics

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Ann Dolin is extremely well versed in DC area schools, both public and independent. She has cultivated a careful process that allows her to pinpoint and prioritize the family’s wants and needs in a school. Her staff is carefully selected and is a supportive element that allowed us to have the necessary testing done right in her offices, which made our children feel very comfortable. Ann has truly streamlined the process and we believe she is the reason our children got into the schools of their choice.”
Michele Rice, Falls Church, VA

A Guide to Private Schools:
The Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition

I am thrilled to present my second book, A Guide to Private Schools: The Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition, focused on helping parents select the right private school in the area for their child. My key goal is to arm parents with information to help them make the right choices for their children, while weighing the critical and timely issues of application processes, competition, and financial commitments.

I hope all parents considering an independent education for their child in the DC metro area will take the time to read this book!

A Guide to Private Schools