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Getting Past Procrastination
How to Get Your Kids Organized, Focused, and Motivated… Without Being the Bad Guy

Like any good parent, you want your child to succeed. The problem is, otherwise smart and capable kids frequently find themselves stuck in a tumultuous, never-ending struggle with procrastination, motivation, and staying organized.

In her latest book, Ann Dolin gives us a practical guide that cuts to the root of the issue: procrastination isn’t a character flaw, instead it is behavior that you and your child can address and improve.

In Getting Past Procrastination you’ll discover:

  • The hidden emotional causes of procrastination
  • How to put good behavior on autopilot using the power of habit
  • The Organizational Arsenal: Tools and strategies to keep even the most scattered kids on track
  • 16+ word-for-kids scripts to spark motivation, address problems, and communicate with your child without being the “bad guy”
Decidedly one of the best resources I have ever found to facilitate immediate change in the family dynamic around academic achievement”
Dr. Jeff Van Meter
Clinical Psychologist
Founder of Legacy Clinical Consultants
“Procrastination is a huge source of parental frustration. It cuts into family time, kills enjoyment of learning, and thwarts potential. You can’t ignore the problem, and nagging certainly doesn’t help. Thank goodness, then, for Ann Dolin. In her smart, practical book, she presents a method for dealing with procrastination that will heal relationships and get your child on track for greater achievement and happiness.
Daniel H. Pink
Author of When and Drive
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Homework Made Simple
Tips, Tools, and Solutions to Stress-Free Homework
As a parent myself, I know how frustrating it can be to go through the stress, self-doubt, and anxiety over your child’s homework every night… So I wrote Homework Made Simple to help parents finally solve the after-school puzzle. In the book you’ll find:
  • The 6 key student profiles, and how to deal with the each type (some of them are VERY different)
  • The universal principles of effective homework time, that apply to ALL kids
  • Over 100 family-tested, “ready-to-apply” tools, tips, and strategies you can put to work as soon as you finish reading the book
Apply the strategies in Homework Made Simple (the same ones all of our 180+ tutors at EC Tutoring use with our students and parents) and…
  • Transform backpacks from “black hole” into “trusty planning tool”
  • Be able to ask your son or daughter about their homework without being the “bad guy”
  • Finally make homework time simple and stress-free
“This book is by far the best I have read on helping kids with homework!! …My son has ADD and struggles with organizing and doing homework. This book offered some much needed help and assistance in getting us organized for this school year.”
Shannon C. Walsh
“As the father of 2 pre-teens, we are just getting into real homework. Not always easy, not always fun. A teacher at my kids’ school recommended this book, and I am very glad she did… the systems described in the book for organizing my kids has made a huge difference. 5 stars.”
Eric C.
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A Guide to Private Schools
The Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition
If you’re thinking about sending your child to private school in the DC/Northern VA/Maryland area, things can get overwhelming real quick.
  • “Is it really any better than public school?”
  • “What if my kid doesn’t like it there?”
  • “Would we even get accepted?”
In A Guide to Private Schools, we put together a comprehensive list of nearly 100 private schools along with “in-the-field” information and perspectives like:
  • The pros and cons for each school vs. the public options available nearby
  • What the admissions process is like (from parents, kids, and admissions directors who have actually been through it), and how to apply to improve your chances
  • How each school would fit with your child’s specific learning style
So if private school is on your radar for this upcoming school year, A Guide to Private Schools will give you the inside scoop, make sure you’re picking the right school for your child, and get you a leg up on the application process.
I was absolutely amazed by the comprehensive nature of this book!! I expected to see a list of school profiles only, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the author also included interviews with parents, kids and admissions directors… I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that will tremendously help streamline our process when we begin looking at schools in the near future. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource!!”
Peter Anspach
This book has been a terrific resource to turn to in our search for the right private school in our area. Before receiving it, the process was pretty overwhelming… My husband and I were also still considering public school so we appreciate the way she breaks down public vs. private in the beginning. This guide is a wealth of knowledge… I strongly recommend it.”
Mchala Brophy