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Education consultant and award-winning author, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., has helped thousands of parents solve their educational and parenting issues.

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Stressed Out Over Homework?

In many families, parents have taken on the role of Homework Police in order to get their kids to do two things – focus and finish. It’s a role neither parents nor kids want. But if you learn who your child is as a learner, you can throw that role aside. Whether you’re the parent of a student who’s bright but disorganized, one who is struggling in certain subjects or is feeling overwhelmed and anxious, you’ll find practical solutions here.

Prescriptions to Combat Disorganization & Procrastination

Are assignments done at the last minute causing stress and panic? Are your child’s backpacks and binders chronically disorganized? Do you wonder if homework time could be a whole lot better if your child would simply focus? Learn why kids struggle to stay organized, start on time, plan ahead and focus and what you can do as a parent. Learn to open the lines of communication and stop power struggles in their tracks.

Learn More in Less Time

84% of students study by rereading which is the most inefficient way to learn and retrieve information. There’s a better way. Learn how students can leverage their study time by studying in a multi-sensory way to retain more information and boost test scores. And above all, achieve focused study time by reducing the distractions of technology.

The Surprising Truth Behind Your Child’s Motivation (or Lack Thereof)

What motivates kids? Carrots or sticks? Rewards or punishments? And why are some kids intrinsically motivated while others aren’t. Learn about the 4 root causes of underachievement and how to help your child muster more enthusiasm for learning by focusing on strengths. And more importantly, learn how to listen effectively to your child and ask powerful questions to change the dynamic of your parent/child relationship to one wrought with tension to one of peace.

  • Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework
  • Fidgety, Forgetful, and Unfocused: How to Get Your Child to Focus and Finish

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